Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society


"A central part of university agendas over the next decade?"

Definition of IHES

"Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society (IHES) explicitly aims to benefit the wider community, at home or abroad, through international or intercultural education, research, service and engagement"

(Uwe BrandenburgHans de WitElspeth Jones and Betty Leask)  

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Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society

"Not only is internationalisation not a goal in itself, it is also not just for ourselves: its right of existence is dependent on its ability and willingness to serve society outside the walls of higher education."

"We feel global developments remind us that the time for internationalisation as an ‘in-house’ issue has to be over. We have to take our responsibility to society more seriously." 


Defining Internationalisation in HE for Society

"IHES activities will intentionally and purposefully seek to provide benefit to the wider community. Activities will be carefully planned and evaluated and their impact on society will be visible in some way." 

"IHES will involve the wider community at home or abroad. It may bring the global to the local, or the local to the global, both being equally valuable." 

The big challenges facing society can only be solved through international cooperation

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is currently investigating how universities can take this responsibility into account in their internationalisation initiatives.

Dorothea Rüland: "Universities today are thoroughly internationalised. This leads to the question of what effect internationalisation has on society."

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